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Love your liver

The liver is responsible for many more functions than most of us realise. You could literally say that your liver is your life.

Especially if you are suffering with an illness – be it neurological, skin-related, digestive and so on – taking steps to rejuvenate your liver can have very positive effects.

To do this, you could:

  • reduce eggs, gluten and dairy in your diet
  • eliminate soft drink
  • lower fat intake, including red meat
  • drink plenty of purified water
  • explore certain supplements such as milk thistle, lemon balm and amla powder

You could also drink some of the beautiful tea varieties nature has to offer as a substitute for alcohol during the week.

Medical Medium (aka Anthony William) has published some very interesting content about the role of the liver and how to heal it. You can read his articles here or search online for ‘(your illness) Medical Medium’ (i.e.: eczema Medical Medium).

Fruit first

Fruit contains many of the most bio-available nutrients our bodies need. “Fruit first” is a simple rule that anyone can follow to achieve better health and wellness.

In my own experience, any reactions to fruit (bar an actual allergy) are the result of fruit helping to cleanse toxins from the body. Given time, as toxins are removed, reactions such as diarrhoea do dissipate.

Try to incorporate as much fresh fruit into your diet as possible. Be it a banana for breakfast, berries for morning tea, an apple with lunch, a smoothie in the afternoon and dates for dessert, when it comes to fruit – the more the better!

“The natural healing force within each of us is the greatest force in getting well.”
– Hippocrates

Don't say "exercise"

To many, exercise is probably the least exciting word in the English language. Our modern culture has turned something natural and beautiful – the act of movement – into a chore.

Instead of beating yourself up because you don’t love running 5km at 5am or sweating it out at the local gym, why not rediscover your own personal connection with movement? Perhaps you’ll find that you love to stretch, or dance, or simply go for a walk in nature. Maybe you’ll find joy in the way your body moves when you clean the house or do a DIY project.

Your body wants you to start connecting into it more. Feel how it wants to move and then let it! The more you do this, the more you’ll find yourself moving in exactly the right way at the right time for you.

Nurture with nature

Another sad side effect of modern culture is nature deficiency. Humans were not made to sit in front of devices all day, or move from one air conditioned environment to another.

Although it may seem comfortable, the body will eventually start crying out for what it needs: fresh air, sunlight, and the grounding essence of earth.

Even if you need to drag yourself kicking and screaming outside once in a while, your body and mind will thank you for it.


“Inner peace comes when you relax your body, quiet your mind, and open your heart.”
– Tony T. Robinson

Open heart, open mind

Life isn’t all rainbows and sunshine. If it were, there would be no hurricanes and volcanoes. Sometimes we don’t even know what mood we’re going to wake up with, let alone be capable of maintaining a sense of joy every moment of the day.

What can help with increasing our energy and spirit is to set an intention each morning and keep coming back to it as often as possible as we go about our day.

“Open heart, open mind” can be a wonderful intention to say to yourself the moment you open your eyes in the morning. Why not try it for a week and see how it makes you feel…


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