We are a Spinal Flow and natural healing practice
specialising in women and children

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Gentle. Powerful.

As the hub of your central nervous system, the health of your spine plays a vital role in the health and wellbeing of your entire body.

Tension in the spine interferes with your body’s natural processes and can lead to all types of pain and illness. As Hippocrates famously said: “Look well to the spine for the cause of disease.”

At Ziv Spinal, we work to remove that tension by focussing your body on areas of ease. By growing this ease along your spinal column, our aim is to strip away stress that has accumulated over months or even years and restore your body to its natural state of wellbeing.

The technique we use to achieve this is called Spinal Flow.

“Before a Spinal Flow session I sometimes feel like my body is barely held together. After a session I feel so relaxed, calm and integrated.”
– Justine

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Founded in chiropractic principles

Spinal Flow was developed by highly sought after chiropractor, Dr Carli Axford.

The technique retains the founding principles of chiropractic care, including:

  • The body has an innate intelligence to heal.
  • Interference in the spine impacts the free-flowing nature of this intelligence.
  • Removal of interference restores the body to its original state and empowers healing.

Unlike some chiropractic methods, Spinal Flow takes an extremely gentle approach. We do not touch areas of the spine that are under stress. Rather, we work on growing areas of ease until they permeate the entire spinal column.

Clients report feeling relaxed with positive changes to their posture, sleep patterns, pain levels, digestion, inflammation, and more. As sessions continue, clients may report experiencing significant mental, emotional and even spiritual transformation.

Spinal Flow is for every body


Children can see very fast results from Spinal Flow. It’s such a gentle technique and is a wonderful addition to a natural healing approach to anything from sleep issues to sinus, digestive complaints, and even chronic illness.


Teenagers love Spinal Flow as they often walk away from a session feeling happier, calmer, and more confident in themselves. It also works to address physical and emotional symptoms arising from tension in the spine.


Our clients often report that a Spinal Flow session is the best part of their week. The return of movement and flexibility in the spine allows for the body’s natural intelligence to flow freely and a true sense of wellbeing to return.