Spinal Flow at Ziv Spinal

Why Spinal Flow?

Life today is full of stress, including:

  • physical stress (long hours sitting, devices, labour)
  • chemical stress (certain foods, pesticides, hormones)
  • emotional stress (trauma and everyday events)

To cope, many of us put this stress to the “back of our mind” – or the spine – where it waits to be processed and released.

Over time, tension in the spine builds and interferes with your entire nervous system. The body ends up in a constant state of stress, where pain and illness thrive.

Developed by highly skilled and sought after chiropractor, Dr Carli Axford, Spinal Flow combines the best of several spinal treatments to deliver a fast and effective way to release tension in the spine and bring more ease and healing back into your life.

How Spinal Flow works

Spinal Flow sessions involve light touches on specific areas of the spine and skull to invite the body to release stored tension. These specific areas are chosen as they offer the best access to the nervous system and are naturally tension-free.

As we grow this ease along your spinal column, the nervous system can move from a state of sympathetic dominance (fight/flight/freeze) to a parasympathetic state of healing.

Greater flexibility in the spine also enables signals from the brain to travel through your body without interference – enhancing wellbeing and allowing your body’s natural intelligence to function optimally.

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“Spinal Flow for me means happy spine, happy mind, happy life.”
– Claire (12 years old)

Spinal Flow is for every body

Many physical, mental and emotional symptoms can manifest when a spine is full of tension. In the same way as you would treat an ailing apple tree by tending to the whole tree (not each apple), Spinal Flow seeks to address the cause of symptoms rather than the symptoms themselves.


Frequent colds and flus
Sleeping troubles
Behavioural concerns
Learning difficulties
Digestive issues
Residual birth trauma
Chronic illness

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Back pain
Growing pains
Anxiety or irritability
Fatigue or insomnia
Sinus or chest issues
Chronic illness

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Physical aches and pains
Persistent stress or anxiety
Digestive complaints
Reproductive concerns
Neurological issues
Chronic illness

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Preparing for a session


You will be fully clothed during every Spinal Flow session, but please try to wear loose-fitting clothes where possible. Rigid pants, such as jeans, can reduce the effectiveness of the session.

Please arrive at least 5 minutes early. This will give you time to relax and be fully present before we start.

Your first visit

Your first visit includes a spinal assessment, consultation, and healing session. This will give you a chance to decide if Spinal Flow is right for you.

If you wish to continue, we’ll schedule a series of sessions at a frequency that aligns with our findings and your reasons for visiting us. We can pre-book these sessions to ensure space in the calendar is held for you.


We generally schedule Spinal Flow care in 3 phases:

Initial intensive care is where most people begin their Spinal Flow care. Visits can be frequent depending on the severity of your condition. The main focus is to reduce or eliminate your most obvious symptoms.

Corrective care aims to stabilise spinal function and promote a more complete healing.

Wellness care can help keep minor problems from becoming more serious. With the maximum restoration of spinal function, many clients enjoy ongoing Spinal Flow sessions as part of their personal wellness regime.

At any stage of care, it is always your decision as to how frequently you wish to have a session. We will only recommend what we feel is right for you with a goal to achieve the fastest results.

After a session

It’s ideal to give yourself a little space after a Spinal Flow session and:

Go for a walk – we will use techniques to help balance your sacrum. Going for a walk afterwards will assist your body to adjust to this new position.

Drink plenty of water – your body may release toxins during a Spinal Flow session which you can help to expel by drinking purified water.

Care for yourself – allow your body to stay in a state of healing as long as possible by eating well and getting an early night’s sleep.


As your body releases stress, it can give rise to various symptoms which will usually subside in a couple of days. If the symptoms trouble you, contact us. Another session may help them move through faster, and in these rare circumstances we will usually offer a reduced rate.

Please also keep in mind that Spinal Flow is not a substitute for your regular healthcare provider. If you feel the need to engage your doctor or another medical practitioner, we encourage you to do so.


Many clients enjoy immediate and progressively richer changes to their physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. Others find it takes several months to remove the layers of stress that have accumulated in their spine over a lifetime. If you feel Spinal Flow is not providing the results you expected, you are always welcome to cancel any pre-booked sessions with sufficient notice.